We greatly appreciate your interest in Overlee Preschool.  Overlee is open to applicants of any race, color, sex, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  Below is some information about the application process, which generally takes place between January and March of each year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our Membership Chairs at

Admissions Process

1. Application

All new applicants should complete an application form. Applications can be submitted online or you may download an application and submit it via mail or email. There is no fee to apply and applications can be submitted at any time.

2. Open House

Please join us at our open house from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. on January 21, 2023!  Please sign up using this link, or reach out directly to our Membership Team at to learn more about the school and set up a tour.

3. Classroom Tour

We invite all prospective families to tour our classroom during regular school hours to allow you to observe the class routines and school philosophy in action. The length of the visit is approximately 30 minutes. We encourage applicant children to join the tour as this visit provides an opportunity for each child to see the classroom and meet the teacher, and for parents to see if this environment would be a good fit for your family. 

How do we build our classes?

Overlee is open to applicants of any race, color, sex, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Priority may be given to certain applicants including siblings of current Overlee students, siblings and children of alumni, and Church of the Covenant members. Please contact a Membership Chair by December 16th if you wish to claim priority status.

For the remainder of those spots, Overlee builds classes of children that are balanced by a variety of factors, including gender, maturity, and birth dates. These decisions are made within the context of the preschool’s needs and the developmental needs of the children, rather than a random lottery or “first-come, first-served” waitlists, Additionally, as a small community-based preschool, we are also looking for families who have a vested interest in the responsibilities that come with a Cooperative Preschool. Our goal is to create balanced classrooms and a community of families with the highest commitment to serving in a cooperative setting.

The Membership Chairs will begin extending offers to those applicants by mid to late February. Those families selected for enrollment in the next school year (beginning in September) are contacted via telephone and the family can verbally accept or deny the offer within 24 hours.  Once all available spaces have been offered and accepted, with registration fees paid, all other candidates will be promptly notified that they will be retained in our “wait-pool” .for the rest of the school year. Overlee does not maintain the wait pool from one year to the next. Our “waitpool” is maintained for one year and we choose candidates based on gender, maturity, and birthdate to maintain a balanced classroom. While slots may be limited, we strongly encourage interested parents to apply, as many circumstances change and the class roster often changes.